Lucas & Bronya's Country Wedding

I absolutely love a no fuss country wedding. One couple who did this better than any other I've seen is Bronya and Lucas. 

Bronya and Lucas had no interest in an over-manufactured wedding. Instead they decided to hold the wedding on a family property in Byron Bay. When they arrived to explore the property they discovered a bamboo grove down the hill. Most would have disregarded it, but not this quirky couple who quickly got their hands dirty clearing the space with a tractor, by the end of the day they had created the perfect bamboo cathedral for their ceremony.


The easy going couple didn't stop there, they booked their reception venue, Jaspers hall in Federal, without even seeing it based only on a friends recommendation and some picture. As for decoration it was a DIY, all hands on deck affair. 

Bronya sums it up perfectly, ‘We didn’t have time for themes! Unless there is a word that describes a beautiful, delicious, loving shamozzle of a community of loved ones, all chipping in, coming together, laughing (with AND at us!) and crying, heckling and bantering with us all day and night. It was perfectly unplanned, allowing for all of the emotion to spill out in exactly the way it did. We wouldn’t have had it any other way. The day managed to celebrate the simple things in life for us; nature, love and community.’

As a photographer I felt super privileged to have been a part of this wedding. The Bride and Groom were a delight, floating around on cloud nine, in love and having the time of their lives right from the get go. Meanwhile the guest and family were enjoying every second of the celebrations. Lucas and Bronya's Wedding was charming, authentic and reminded me what weddings are all about, two people coming together to unite their families and celebrate their love.

Lucas & Bronya's wedding was also featured on the fantastic blog Less Stuff More Meaning, you can check it out here.