I’m Raychel, I’m a professional photographer based in the magical Northern Rivers of NSW


I studied Film and Television Production at University. There, I developed a particular interest in documentary style. After university I couldn't wait to take my camera further afield. I traveled the world, and visited many amazing places, but it was the people that really captured my attention. 


Everyone has a story, and I love discovering it and then telling it with images. These stories don't have to be dramatic or action packed. I think that people are the most beautiful when they are raw and real. 

I think in our modern online culture, it's easy to forget what photos are all about. They are not about glamorising our lives for Instagram, they are about capturing real moments in our lives so that we can look back on them in the future and awaken our memories. 

When taking photos, I steer away from overly posed or produced images and instead work with people in a documentary style to capture real moments that are a true reflection of their personality and stories.


I understand that for some people, having their photo taken can be quite confronting. A photo session can actually be a fantastic exercise for working through insecurities and learning to truly see and accept ourselves.

What I love most about being a photographer is watching this process unfold and assisting people to recognise their own beauty.  

I believe that what matters most is how you see yourself